The institution has placed a number laser printers, copiers, and wax color printers across campus for your use. Employees can request to have any campus printer installed. The FAQs below outline details about our systems and processes.

Copiers utilize PaperCut software and the Follow-Me printing options. You can print directly to a copier (60% cheaper), and you don't have to have multiple devices installed on your computer.

Q: If I need a printer installed what should I do?

A: Our IT Support team can help you setup the network printer on your computer. Feel free to place a request by emailing us at, or stopping by our Support Desk in the basement of the Library.

Q: Are there any limits or restrictions on my employee printing?

A: No, there are not limits, however we encourage you to practice good stewardship. Our copiers and laser printers are one a support contract with a third-party vendor and we pay per page printed.

Q: Can I purchase an inkjet printer and put in my office?

A: Printers should NOT be purchased and connected to our network by employees or departments. Inkjet printers, while initially inexpensive, cannot be repaired under our support contracts and the ink is very expensive, let alone lower quality. The nonprofit organization,, reports that a gallon of inkjet printer ink costs $9600. We do not believe that exhibits good stewardship of resources.

Q: How are printers and copiers supported on campus?

A: While our campus IT Support team is happy to assist you in troubleshooting any issues, these devices are also under contract with two third-party vendors: Marco and Quantum Technologies. If you experience an error on the printer/copier display, or there is an obvious mechanical problem, you may contact Marco or Quantum directly which will speed up the resolution time and have you back in business at a faster rate. The support teams at Marco and Quantum will help you troubleshoot or dispatch a service call, if needed. All printers and copiers on campus covered by our support contracts have stickers affixed with the phone number, identification number, and other information that will be needed for them to assist you.


Q: How do I get new toner for the printer or copier in my area?

A: The laser printers and copiers are under contract with Marco who have implemented toner forecasting on our campus. They have software installed on our network that does predictive analysis on those devices based on usage trends to predict when a new toner will be needed. Marco will automatically ship the toner cartridge when they forecast 10% remaining. Shipments will go to our Mailroom who will then send your department a package notification. Replacement cartridges can be picked up at the Mailroom and then installed. The box that your new toner cartridge comes in will have a pre-paid shipping label so that the old cartridge can be shipped back to Marco for proper recycling. Insert used cartridge in the box, put shipping label on box, and return to the Mailroom. There is no cost to your department for replacement laser printer cartridges.

Across campus we have a few wax color printers for higher quality color printing. Departments pay for the wax cartridges on these printers. These devices are under contract with Quantum Technologies. You may order replacement wax by calling Quantum directly at 636-349-6600.

Q: Can I print directly to a copier?

A: Yes! Follow these instructions. Cost-per-page rates on copiers are 60% less than printing to a printer.

Q: How are printers and copiers updated as they get older?

A: Our campus copiers are on a 5 year lease with Marco. Updates or replacements to the copiers happen at end of lease agreement. Printers with Marco sticker are replaced by Marco at their expense if a printer is deemed end-of-life, or repairs will be extensive and cost more than replacement. This is a benefit of our cost-per-page service contract. In the past the college absorbed all costs for replacement and repairs in addition to the toner costs.The wax color printers supported by Quantum are not supported by the same type of replacement policy maintained by Marco. 

Q: I'd like to reduce the amount of printing I do. What are my options?

A: Feel free to reach out to our IT Support Team or the Center for Teaching and Learning for ideas. There are great options such as digital dropbox in D2L for student paper submissions, Jotform for creating electronic forms, Google Docs and Drive for team collaboration, and digital annotation tools in Word, Preview, Adobe Acrobat, and Pages.