Policy on Exiting Employees - Email and Computers

Updated: 3/7/2018 


Greenville University Policy on Exiting Employees- Email and Computers



Technology equipment issued to Greenville University (GU) employees by Greenville University is owned by Greenville University and managed by the GU Information Technology Department, working in partnership with the GU IT Policy and Allocation Committee. Greenville University-owned equipment should be returned to the GU HR Department or GU IT Department for re-purposing as deemed fit for the institutional mission.

Unfortunately, HR laws, limited resources, and licensing agreements do not offer the opportunity for Greenville University to sell, or offer computers/peripherals at no cost to an exiting employee. The only exception to these stipulations are employees granted emeritus status by the board of trustees.


Data Ownership

Data ownership policies are defined in the GC Data Security and Privacy Policy. Data that falls within the definition of personal data may be retained by the exiting employee. He or she will be responsible for backing up personal files they wish to retain.

Email Accounts

Greenville University email accounts (those ending in greenville.edu) are approved data channels for conducting the business of the University. Exiting employees are no longer ambassadors for Greenville University and are no longer authorized to conduct business, execute contracts, agree to terms of service, or view student data as protected by FERPA laws on behalf of Greenville University. Therefore, GU email accounts assigned to the exiting employee will be terminated 30 days after end of employment. An auto-responder message provided by supervisor during the exit process will be set for the account during the 30 days after last day of employment. 

Data ownership policies as defined in the GU Data Security and Privacy Policy also apply to email messages. Exiting employees may remove email that falls within the definition of personal data from their GU email account(s) prior to the last day of employment. Supervisors will be provided access to an archive of the exiting employee’s GU email account upon employee's exit.

“Emeritus” is a designation granted to faculty and staff members who have retired from Greenville University and meet a specified set of criteria which is outlined in the Faculty/Staff Handbook. Emeritus status is granted by the board of trustees acting upon received nominations.

Staff who are granted emeritus status by the board of trustees may request an @panthers.greenville.edu email account prior to departure. Due to the sensitive nature of email communication amongst staff roles that can include sensitive student information, or details related to the business of the univeristy, it is necessary for assigned accounts to be discontinued at end of employment in order to maintain compliance, business continuity, and processes. Emeriti staff will be added to our DEmployee email distribution list so that they can continue to receive important campus notifications.

Emeriti faculty are allowed to continue their associations with the institution. As such, in addition to their honorary title, they may retain their Greenville University-assigned email address, and will maintain membership on the DFAC email distribution list.



Greenville employees exiting or retiring without emeritus status:

· They turn in computers to the institution.

· They are responsible for setting up a new personal email account, such as Gmail. IT staff can offer assistance.

· Account access is revoked at end of last day of employment. An auto-responder will be setup for 30 days informing people that employee is no longer employed at Greenville University.

· Email is terminated after after 30 days.


Faculty and staff granted emeritus status:

· They may keep institutionally owned computers assigned to them. Official technical support provided by the University will end upon retirement. The computers will, in essence, become their property and responsibility. Some software will need to be removed in order to comply with campus license agreements, unless you are teaching courses that requires special software (EX: Adobe applications, SPSS, Jenzabar, etc.). Please schedule an appointment with the IT Support Team for a final computer check-out in which they will run diagnostics on computer, remove necessary software, and ensure everything is functioning correctly.

· Emeriti Faculty may retain their greenville.edu email accounts, and will be included on the DEmployee email distribution list.

· Emeriti Staff may request a @panthers.greenville.edu account, and will be included in communication sent to the DEmployee email distribution list.