Mac OS gives you the option to save your passwords internally in an application called Keychain.  Overall, this is helpful, but occasionally it can cause some problems.  For example, if you change your password you would want to remove or change your entry in Keychain.  

To remove or change a password from Keychain, do the following: 

1. Use Finder to search for Keychain

2. open up Keychain and click on "Login" on the side bar

3. From there, you'll have to look through your various Keychain entries until you find the one you'd like to remove or update.  

4. To delete the entry, right click on it and hit delete.

5. To modify the entry, double click it and check the "show password" box

After clicking the "show password" box, it will ask you to authenticate with your system password.  Input your system password and you will see your set password appear in the "show password" box.

7. You will then be able to change the password in the "show password" box 

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