Storing your files on an internet-based service (online, or cloud, storage) allows you to have access to those files anywhere you have an internet connection. Many of the services allow you to synchronize the files between the online storage service and your device (computer, tablet, phone). These are some of the things you should consider before choosing to use an online storage service:

  1. Are there security protocols in place to protect your files (encryption at rest, encryption in transit, redundant storage, data backups, etc.)? Most reputable online storage services will post information about the security they provide.
  2. Will the service automatically synchronize files between the online storage and your device?
  3. How much storage space is provided? How much is free?
  4. Is there a limit on the size of individual files stored on the service?
  5. What is the policy of the service regarding accessing the information in your stored files?

Some examples of online, or cloud, storage services are:




Microsoft OneDrive 

Google Drive 

Be sure to compare services before choosing. You are welcome to contact the IT Support Center (x 7077) if you have questions.