Backing up personal files is a crucial step for all students.  You don't want to encounter the nightmare of losing a term paper due to a hard drive failure the day before the deadline.  Read below to learn about backup solutions available to you.


USB Jump Drives

USB jump drives provide a great portable solution for backing up files.  Smaller than a set of keys, you can easily transport to a lab or another computer.  They can be purchased at most retail stores and are relatively inexpensive.  A variety of sizes are available.  We recommend 8Gb or larger.


External Hard Drives

External hard drives are simply computer drives that connect by USB cable and offer larger capacities than USB jump drives.  They are not quite as mobile since they are a little bit larger and require a USB cable. These peripheral items can also be purchased at most retail outlets.  They are more expensive than jump drives, however, they offer quite a bit more in storage capacity (500Gb or 1Tb options), and many include software to assist in scheduled backups.


Google Drive

Greenville University uses Gmail for our student email system.  Every student is assigned an account which gives you access to Google Drive and its unlimited storage capabilities. To learn more about the capabilities of Google Docs, login to your student email account and click on the "help" link in the upper right-hand corner. 


Online File Storage (Dropbox, iCloud, etc.)

A number of online services provide file storage for backups.  Some are free, such as Dropbox's Basic , while others charge a small fee.  These provide convenient access requiring only an internet connection.