Jenzabar EX is broken up in several pieces. 

There is a web portal that will contain many features that people can use from online scheduling, to grading, to budget manager access. This of course is available cross platform (Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, etc) due to the nature of web-based applications. 

The second part is the administrative tool. This piece is analogous to the current 'Jenzabar Apps' such as STUDENT, DEGREE AUDIT, ADMISS, BILLS, FINAID, FRS and CASHIER RECEIPTS. This one piece of software is a Windows application. At present Mac users will not be able to run this application 'natively', but instead will have to run it either by dual booting, running Virtualbox or some other similar system. We are investigating a solution called 'Terminal Services' which would allow a Mac to run the software remotely from a server.  A Mac version of the EX admin application is currently on Jenzabar's roadmap for EX, but a firm release date has not yet been provided.