In the early 2000's Jenzabar purchased several major vendors of administrative systems for higher education. The system GC was using at the time was provided by a company called 'Quodata'. This product was renamed QX. Another software company was purchased and their product renamed EX. These two software teams continued to enhance and support their products for several years. At some point Jenzabar knew that since these 2 products served the same demographic of institution, that one should be kept and one should be phased out. After some deliberation, EX was chosen to be the system that would be Jenzabar's product offering for small to medium sized institutions and that QX would be on a slow path to discontinuation. As this year comes to a close, GC is one of only a handful of schools that remain on QX and the Administration of Greenville College has decided that now is the time to undergo a conversion to the EX Product.