We have partnered with Google to provide Gmail accounts for our student email solution.   Please read the full document to learn  about the advantages of Gmail, and how to use your new email account. Benefits of your Gmail account:

  • Storage capacity- Unlimited 
  • Use Gmail to store documents- With the mailbox size you can use your account to store important documents.  You can access class documents off-campus or backup that important presentation in case your computer hard drive fails.
  • Lifetime accounts- You will be able to the keep the email account after you graduate.  No need to save email and transfer to a new account when you graduate, nor risk losing contact with friends or future employers.
  • Utililize Google’s other applications- You will be able to create documents using Google’s “Docs & Spreadsheets”, chat, and utilize their calendar solution. Customize your “Start Page” and stay organized and connected.
  • Spam filtering- Google’s Gmail system provides a filtering solution to limit the annoying messages that make their way to your inbox.