Every student, Faculty member and Staff-person is issued an email account while enrolled or employed at the college. This account is one of our official means of campus communication. We encourage you to check email routinely to view important campus information, bulletins, announcements and updates.

While some people may already have or choose to use personal email accounts such as Hotmail or AOL, campus addresses are to be used for all official college communication. We would encourage faculty to only use campus email addresses when maintaining class distribution lists.


Microsoft Outlook is our current campus email client. This software will allow you to send and receive messages, create and share appointments, maintain your calendar, store address books, and keep task lists. We used Microsoft's Office 365 system which hosts our institution's email services off-campus. Employees can access messages using the Microsoft Outlook client on their computers, or use the web portal. The Office 365 Web Portal link can be found at https://my.greenville.edu .


Mac users preferring to use Mac Mail for email may use the application if they wish. Information is provided he on our site for setting up Mac Mail, or you may contact us for assistance.