Employees have access to send email to the groups listed below, however, we do caution that overuse of student lists may cause them to ignore repeated messages or begin to flag as spam.  Rather than regulate with policy, we trust you will use them wisely. The lists identified are the ones that are maintained by IT. If you would like to make your own custom lists within your email client, you are free to do so and we can assist.

Student Distribution Lists:

All Students - dstudent.all@panthers.greenville.edu

Female - dstudent.female@panthers.greenville.edu

Male - dstudent.male@panthers.greenville.edu

Seniors - dstudent.sr@panthers.greenville.edu

Juniors - dstudent.jr@panthers.greenville.edu

Sophomores - dstudent.soph@panthers.greenville.edu

Freshmen - dstudent.fresh@panthers.greenville.edu

Traditional - dstudent.trad@panthers.greenville.edu

Intensive English - dstudent.iel@panthers.greenville.edu

Continuing Ed - dstudent.ce@panthers.greenville.edu

UTEP - dstudent.utep@panthers.greenville.edu

Degree Completion - dstudent.degreecompletion@panthers.greenville.edu

Graduate School of Business - dstudent.grad.briner@panthers.greenville.edu

Graduate School of Education - dstudent.grad.ed@panthers.greenville.edu

Employee Distribution Lists:

DEmployee: DEmployee@greenville.edu   (Sends email to all employees, emeriti, and close friends of the college)

DFAC: DFAC@greenville.edu (All faculty, including adjunct instructors)

DSTF: DSTF@greenville.edu (Employees with a staff role at Greenville College)

DADM: DADM@greenville.edu (Employees with an Administrative Staff designation)

DAssembly: DAssembly@greenville.edu (Faculty who are teaching more than 6 hours in a term are voting members of the Faculty Assembly)